Hope everyone had a great summer! I had my busiest to date, with only 3 days off from memorial day to Labor day, and it was absolutely worth it!! Focusing on the fall and winter now. Staying super busy. Every Monday at Old Causeway w/ The Pickles, Every Wednesday at Daddyo for happy hour from 6-9 and every Thursday at Mainland w/ Jimmy Merchant from 5-8!! End of November I'll be shipping out for my 1st of 3 2 week runs in Vail, Colorado!! Love it out there, my 2nd home for sure. 

      Booking up spring and fall weddings now too!! If you have any inquiries please feel free to email. cheers everybody and see you out there!!



Hitting the ground running and not stopping until Labor Day! My busiest summer ever. Filled with new and old venues alike, cant wait to see so many familiar faces and meet new ones too!! See you in the sunshine...



Springing into another busy season!! 

Hello everyone!


     Busy winter, and its almost over. Its crazy how the seasons are running together. Anyhow put my schedule through the rest of the spring, super busy as always. 1 More Colorado trip and I cant wait to play in the mountains 1 last time this season! Then just tons of stuff at home in Jersey. Summer is swamped and I'll get that out in the upcoming weeks. Hope to see everyone soon!!



Gearing up for Winter! 

Can't believe we're almost to November,,,crazy!   Anyhow, lots of great weddings, private parties and bar gigs as always. Pretty busy the next few months. A lot of private stuff, new venues (HARD ROCK, Atlantic City) and back to Vail, Colorado for 3 separate trips!! Booking spring and summer 2019 NOW. Reach out the sooner the better. Hope to see you all out at some point!! -Ted

2018 beginns! 

Excited for a great new year everyone!! I'll be off to VAIL, Colorado for 2 weeks (Jan 12-24) and then again in March(18-30). In the meantime lots of Jersey dates and wedding and private parties. The summer is almost fully booked (so early its crazy, but busy is good!!) Can't wait to share the music and good times with all of you!!

Key West, New Jersey, Colorado Dates added 

Back from Key West and ready to jam through the winter! I have a bunch of Jersey dates and I'll be headed to VAIL, COLORADO the 1st 2 weeks of April to play out there! Also going to begin recording my new record. So lots of exciting things as we move though the winter. Cheers!

Summer is here!! 

Summer is upon us! Join me for tons of gigs and fun in the sun! Also booking fall and spring weddings and private events as we speak so get in touch asap to book!

Summer is almost here!! 

Summer is fast approaching and I'm already getting excited about the sand between my toes and gigs, weddings and private parties!! Hope to see everyone out and if you have wedding and/or private party requests for the fall/winter and next year please reach out and we'll try and set up a date that's perfect for you!! Cheers everyone



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